The two night stand

Hello, said I.

Hi, said he.

And that’s how all of this began,

This incomprehensible, less complex mystery.

We went out for a drink,

He pressed two five dollar bills into my warm palms,

We decided to lift up our souls,

Annihilate,recklessness on the brink.

He reeked of alcohol,

I reeked of the night’s stink.

We sat down to talk,

Groggy,non understandable,

Words in accelerated motion.

He said a few, I said a few,

And together we made sentences,

That screamed their existence into the cold, blue skies, of the cold cold night.

It was lunar eclipse,

The spasmed out, orange,shrieking moon,

Quite a sight.

We sobbed and sobered like

The protagonists out of a

Romedy Now daily watch.

We didn’t know what we were in for,

And this was quite the catch.

The weather outside, the wind grew stormy,

He leant in,inhaled my presence,

Leant back, and smiled.

“you’re a pretty, pretty woman, Delilah”, he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and gazed up at his perfectly sculpted yet so imperfect face.

For the fifth time that night, I’d confessed to myself,

As to how much I liked him.

Yet my lips chose to never part,

And words chose to stay shut,

Like prisoners, in Azkaban.

Wanting to break free, but can’t.

Do anything more than want.

I got up to go back home,

He tugged at the sleeve of my turtleneck,

Eyes that pleaded, lips, that pouted,

And that’s when I realised,

How much I actually even meant to him,

How much he wanted me to stay,

He smiled. Cutting off my thought process,as he gently enveloped my fingers in his hands.

I gasped, he leant further and tucked away a strand of my waves behind my ear.

His hands cupped my face, eyes focused onto the silhouette of my face, in the cold cold night,erasing every fear.

I love you, he breathed into my ear.

I smiled.

That was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard in a long time.

Do you?, asked he.

And everything turned quiet.

And today, I sit by the window,

Gazing at the photographs,

Cheeky grins, messed up emotions,


Drunken in love.

And I ask,

Do you?

Only to not get an answer back,

An answer to the question somebody asked me twelve years ago,

Over a span of forty eight hours,

He was long gone.

Exiled into the mantle of the earth,

Leaving things unsaid, undone.

A seashell bracelet he used to wear on his left wrist,

He reeked of alcohol,

I reeked of the night’s stink.

We call it the two night stand.